Jan 21, 2023

Day Dot.

You've made it this far... you might as well know how it started.

Hi my name is Thalia-Joan, you've probably read that on here about 5 times but if you are anything like me, then you need to hear someones name at least three times...before you can embarrassingly forget it again (see, we already have so much in common).

Ive always struggled to answer the awkward and elusive question of "what do you do" because I find it limiting and I weave in and out of many pursuits frequently, the only constant connection between them is - they are always creative.

Ive dedicated a lot of my life to pen on paper and in the last 5 years from paper to platform (physical stages and web platforms). The last 5 years have allowed me to create a balance lifestyle of many creative pursuits working in Sydney, Melbourne, London and Tel Aviv where I was able to share my passion for writing, developing brands and performing.

Welcome to my page and I look forward to working with you.